Controls on fruit slot machines in Colombia

fruit slot machines

Fruit slot machines

Fruit machines have some special functions at the time of playing that not all Colombian players will understand, since there are some features in the controls that are not incorporated in other slot machines. For example, in the great majority of fruit slot machines there is the possibility of waiting button, advance, bonuses or free spins and to be able to make a money ladder. Each function has its own use, which we will explain below for you to understand perfectly.

Wait button

Wait button

It is essential to know what each of these functions are for, as they will help you win at fruit slot machines in Colombia. This hold function is very important as it allows the player to pause the reels and thus have more chances to make a great combination and win a high prize. This feature allows players to win bigger prizes and the possibility to mentally create their own combinations.

Advance button

The advance mode is awarded when you make a positive spin, the advance allows the player to choose more than one reel to have higher chances in their spin to win a good prize. Advances are important for players as they greatly increase the chances of winning.

Betting function

Betting function

The gamble function is also very important for players who are not used to fruit slot machines as it means that the player can choose whether to place a higher or lower bet on each spin. There are a great number of players who decide to double the amount invested in the previous spin because they will have more chances to win and get it back. This is a strategy that does not work for all players, but you have to try it and decide if it fits your way of playing.

Money ladder

This option is the least important of those mentioned above, although it can be important at some point in designating possible winnings. This money ladder will appear on the screen after the end of each spin and the player will be able to stop it when approaching the total amount.

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